Living Self Realized Being……..

Pujya Deepakbhai Desai

Pujya Deepakbhai Desai, a disciple of the Gnani Purush Dada Bhagwan was born on May 9, 1953 in Morbi, a village in the state of Saurashtra, Gujarat, India. He was introduced to Dadashri by one his elder brothers who was very spiritual and was deeply moved by Dadashri’s amazing and practical science of Self realization called Akram Vignan. At the time his brother took him to meet Dadashri, Deepakbhai was studying engineering. His brother told him that Dadashri’s science would help him remember and focus in his studies.Destined to lead a life of spirituality, this quiet, gentle and soft-spoken young Jain found the worldly life tedious and insipid. His spiritual calling in life came upon meeting Dadashri and on March 6, 1971, He received Self realizationfrom Dadashri. Thus at a very young age, he became exposed to the Knower of the path of Liberation and the power of His spiritual science.Shri Deepakbhai continued his education and graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. He started his own consulting business however, despite his involvement in worldly interactions, his inner spiritual progress continued to grow uninterrupted.Being content only in the Gnani’s shadow, any time spent fulfilling his worldly obligations, felt like an exile to him. His demure disposition at the time compelled him to write a letter to Dadashri in which he expressed his desire to dedicate his life in helping spread this spiritual knowledge and at the same time pursue His own spiritual salvation. Eventually, with Dadashri’s blessing and grace, he took a lifelong vow of celibacy, to which he has remained sincere, not just in the physical sense but also through his mind and speech. He has perfected his vow of celibacy to such an extent that many young men and women are inspired to do the same after spending just a few hours in his company.When he first embarked upon this spiritual path, his father had opposed him, however after many years, his father realized that his son was indeed on the right path and told him, “Deepak, you are my true guru. You have showed me the true path to Liberation.” Deepakbhai brought much comfort to his father as he cared for him during his final days.

During the early years when there were only a few spiritual aspirants seeking Dadashri’s satsang, Deepakbhai helped Pujya Niruma, who was in constant seva (devoted service) of Pujya Dadashri, write and record Dadashri’s satsangs (spiritual discourses). He helped with the publishing of these books and personally distributed them. He also took the responsibility of preparing and making arrangements for Dadashri’s spiritual discourses. He carried out all these duties without a trace of any self-serving intent.

In the early 70’s when audio cassettes were not readily available, he and Niruma painstakingly recorded Dadashri’s satsangs by writing in a diary but later they started using a tape recorder. He also used to help Niruma collect and compile various topics for many other books on the spiritual science of Akram Vignan; these books have profoundly touched the lives of thousands of people. Since 1995, as an editor, he has been responsible for the monthly publication of ‘Dadavani‘;

Deepakbhai carried out his spiritual work selflessly and with utmost devotion, never expecting to gain recognition from Dadashri or other people. His humility never subjected him to any competitiveness when it came to satsang or personal service to Dada; he always maintained nobility in allowing others to serve Dadashri.

Dadashri liked to answer the probing questions proposed to him by Deepakbhai as it helped bring to surface the ultimate spiritual knowledge. Deepakbhai engaged Dadashri in intense and in depth discussions on the topic of celibacy and on the state of the awakened awareness of the true Self; Self realization. These satsangs became the core material for publication of many books on ultimate spirituality and the universal truth. In 1977 Dadashri had said about Deepakbhai, “This boy’s uninterrupted awareness of the Atma (soul) will adorn the seat (teachings) of Lord Mahavir. After Lord Mahavir, in the last 2500 years, there has not been anyone with such an awareness.” Deepakbhai was 23 at the time!

In 1987 when visiting USA, Dadashri’s health deteriorated. He then specially called for Deepakbhai to come to the USA. Dadashri groomed Deepakbhai for 45 days in order to prepare him to give satsangs. Dadashri performed a special vidhi (spiritual ceremony) to empower Deepakbhai with siddhis (spiritual powers) to conduct satsangs. From that day on, having been blessed by Dadashri, Deepakbhai started doing satsangs with young men and women on Dadashri’s Gnan.

Pujya Deepakbhai had been with Pujya Niruma since 1971. She nurtured him like a mother through pure spiritual love. He reciprocated with perfect humility (param vinay) and respect. Along with Pujya Niruma, he had many personal satsangs with Dadashri where they discussed topics of celibacy and ways of achieving the ultimate spiritual awareness.

He never waned in his humility towards Pujya Niruma, and remained sincere to her until the very end. As per Dadashri’s instructions to her, Pujya Niruma continued to mold and nurture Deepakbhai as the right heir to carry out the work of Dadashri’s mission of the world’s salvation.

It was Pujya Dadashri’s intent that people of this world should attain Enlightenment of the Soul, which had manifested within Him. He used to give this Knowledge to people through a special ceremony which is a two-hour process called Gnan Vidhi.  In His final days He graced Pujya Niruma with the spiritual powers to do the same.

Pujya Deepakbhai earned tremendous blessings from Pujya Niruma and eventually in 2003, Pujya Niruma graced him to conduct Gnan Vidhi.Whenever Niruma conducted satsangs, people felt as if it was Dadashri doing the satsang Himself. People have the same experience when listening to Deepakbhai. With an ever-smiling face, just like Pujya Niruma, It is the experience of countless people that Pujya Deepakbhai resolves their personal problems and questions either through individual interaction or amidst large numbers of seekers through satsangs. When Deepakbhai speaks, one feels as if it is Dadashri and Niruma speaking. Liberation (moksha) being the ultimate goal in this path, Deepakbhai continues to give answers, solutions and guidance to seekers who are able to resolve their problems and suffering caused by the complexities of the worldly life.

Just like Pujya Niruma, he travels extensively throughout villages, towns, and cities in India and abroad in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Dubai, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, imparting the knowledge of this profound spiritual science  of ‘Akram Vignanand enlightening thousands of spiritual seekers. His satsang retreats inspire many young men and women to dedicate themselves to carry on the work for the salvation of the world as envisioned by Dadashri. In keeping with Pujya Dadashri’s and Niruma’s practice of purity, Deepakbhai uses only his own money to take care of his worldly needs. Living a very simple life, Pujya Deepakbhai is a living example of humility, following Dadashri’s axiom of “The one who maintains absolute humility in the worldly life, rises to exalted divine heights in the spiritual life.”

For those who seek to progress in their spiritual endeavor towards liberation; those who want to become free from the cycles of birth and death, the process of receiving Self realization still continues through Pujya Deepakbhai today. It is the experience of thousands who have attained this Knowledge, that they are able to remain in the awareness of their true Self; the Soul and face the challenges of the worldly life with equanimity.  This awareness will remain until they attain final liberation.


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