Update Regarding Website www.zooloo.com

Jay sachidanand to all Mahatmas !!!!!!!!!! 

We create one More BLOG on website : www.zooloo.com. 

On this website, we upload 03 (Three) Web Page about Akram Vignan, Dada, Niruma & our Loving Pujyashree. With name are "HOME Page – AKRAM VIGNAN", "Who is Dada Bhagwan ?" & "Living – Self Realized". 

 It is usfull to all Mail ID’s like HOTMAIL, YAHOO, REDIFFMAIL, SIFY, GMAIL or any other.

 Processores on this Website / Blog :

  • First of all you have to Register on this web by simple processor with your Mail ID.
  • Then you have to search with string "RAKESH DOSHI"
  • One more string to search is doshi_rakesh@hotmail.com  in search section.
  • After this processor you will find the Profile of Rakesh – you have to follow Add to Freind process.
  • You also found this Web Page without registration by search in Web Browser (IE) with http://dada-mahatma.zooloo.com.
  • On registration through this site you able to see our BLOG as well as activate freinds also.
  • Our current group on YAHOO is running always, we create this to facilitate some details for non yahoo users.
  • Pl. look in to the attached file.. View of Home Page on this site.

Hope, you understood all the above points.

 Pl. hurry & register through this Website.


 !!!! Aapna DADA Mahan Chhe  !!!!


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