Satsang Update – USA trip 2009 (As given by our eGroup)

Dada Bhagwan na Asim Jay Jaykar Ho…

Jsca to all mahatma

1500 new mahatma have taken gnan so far between 5 centres.

Sending satsang update for the trip so far.  

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Florida Gnanvidhi

330 (100 english) took gnan today in Jacksonville Florida.

Due to grace of Dada-Ma every year one strong centre is getting developed from year 2006.

First year was Raleigh
then Baltimore in 2007
then Atlanta in 2008
and now Florida in 2009.

Year after year all these centres have blossomed and have started many small satsang centres in surrounding cities.

Jacksonville, Florida Satsang

Many new mahatma on 1st day

Florida was like Jamanagar and Bhavnagar. As Niruma was saying "જામનગર મા જામ્તુ નથી અને ભાવનગર મા ભાવ પૂછતુ નથી ", satsang was not "Flowing in Florida" but today it was not only flowing but was Flying.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Akram Convoy to Florida

20 cars (80 mahatma) joined Pujya Deepakbhai from Atlanta to Jacksonville (Florida). Dada Sangh was going in full force.

Stopped at 2 places for Picnic and informal time with Deepakbhai.

At every centre Pujya Deepakbhai was given traditional welcome by Mahatma lined up on both sides and performing Swagat Ceremony.

Atlanta Satsang

Many new mahatma at atlanta satsang

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Atlanta Satsnag

One follower of Swaminarayan shared her very beautiful experience of Gnan. She took gnan yesterday. વરસોથી હૂ આત્મા વિષે વાંચતી હતી, પણ ખરો આત્મા કાલે જાણ્યો. આજે હૂ પ્રાથના કરવા બેસુ તો મારાથી ત્રીમંત્ર અને હૂ શુદ્ધાઆત્મા બોલાય જાય.

Satsang Highlights:
Q : As we are not charging any new karma, what karma effect we will have to go thru in next life?
D : Firstly we are charging karma by our strong intent to practice 5 agna. Secondly our coverings are such that we will only be able to see Gross, Subtle but still Subtler and Subtlest will remain which we will have to see in next lives. It is like if we start cleaning house which have remain dirty since last20-30 years it will not be cleaned in one go. it will take 10-15 days to completely clean.

With Mahatma of newly developed centre
Q : There are no differences between any of us.
D : નવી વહુ આવેને તો બે વર્ષ બધુ મીઠુ જ હોઈ પણ પછી પગ જમીન ને અડે પછી તકલીફ શરૂ થાય.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Atlanta Gnanvidhi

300 (75 English & Hindi speaking) took Gnan in Atlanta.

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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Atlanta Satsang

Lot of new Mahatma on 1st day. Many more expected tomorrow for Gnanvidh.

Satsang Highlights:

Q : what means by Apadaan& Upadaan?
D : If u climb 8th step from 7th step then 7th step left (Apadaan) and 8th is achieved (Upadaan). After Gnanvidhi Ego & Mamta is Apadaan and Shuddhatma is Upadaan.

Q : Naam, Gotra, Vedniya, Ayusya karm thi atma na kya Gun upar Avran Ave che?
D: Naam karm thi Arupi Gun upar avran ave che, gotra thi Aguru-Laghu, Vedniya thi Avyabadh and Ayusya thi Avinasi Gun upar avran che.

Informal Satsang Highlights:
Darsan Avray etle krodh ubho thay and gnan avray etle Maan ubhu thay.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Raleigh Gnanvidhi

100 (30 non-Gujarati) took gnan in Raleigh. Many mahatma (100 ) r travelling with us to various centres. It feels great to see mhtm from ny, NJ, Lowell, Canada, London, India, Chicago, Texas, Florida, Atlanta, Raleigh, maryland, travelling with us jode ne jode. Even8-10 youngsters & 4 westerners r travelling. In every gnanvidhi western mhtm r bringing their friends.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Raleigh Satsang

Satsang Highlights:

"મને કોઈ દિવસ કોઈનો દોષ દેખાયો જ નથી. કોઈના નિમિતે મને દુખ લાગ્યુ જ નથી. આ દીપક નુ છે અને હુ શુદ્ધાત્મ છુ. દાદા નુ સાઇન્સ લૉજિકલી સેટ થઈ જાય. " …………Deepakbhai

Human Development Degrees:

250 Understand previous and next life
280 Understand Soul
300 Mahatma
345 Gnani
355 Bhagwan (God)
360 Keval Gnan (Ultimate Knowledge)

Baltimore Satsang

Baltimore Informal Satsang With Sewarthi Mahatma
Overflowing Mahatma Everywhere

NJ Satsang

Hey Simandhar Swami Tamne Naman


Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Baltimore Gnanvidhi

175 (40 english & hindi speaking) took gnan today.

Many mahatma who had taken gnan last year shared beautiful gnan experiences.

300 mahatma came from surrounding area.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Baltimore Satsang Day 1

400 people attended satsang, the number was quiet high than expected as it is small centre and today was weekday.

Satsang Sixer:
Q (11 year old girl) : I have no friends, I try but friendship doesnt stay for long with anybody
D : I also didnt had any friends or a very few ones because my goals were not matching to any of theirs goals. But now whole world wants to make me friend.

To Baltimore

Left NJ in evening for Baltimore. Checked hotel (coming on way) for next year Gurupurnima.

60-70 mahatma are going to move around with p’shree for satsang at different centres in east coast. They will be asking all their friends and relatives staying at different centres to come for satsang and gnanvidhi.

Patrick plus 3 other western mahatma are also joining at all centres during this year trip. They have western friends at various centres and will be asking them to attend the satsang.

This year as evidences suggests the JagatKalyan work will be carriet out in full force in USA.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

NJ Gnanvidhi

600 mahatma took gnan (300 last year). 500 gujarati speaking and 100 english & hindi speaking. As Param Pujya Dada said "આપણે ત્યા ખ્યાતિ હોઇ પ્રખ્યાતિ નહી", maximum no. of new people came thru the reference of old mahama whose gnan experience attracted them to come for gnanvidhi.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

NJ shibir – Swami Pratistha

A Bhav pratistha for more than 150 Swami Murti was done with lot of bhakti.
A message alerting all mahatma was given by Pujyashree after Pratistha.

Reporter from Newspapers and Radio came to take the interview and were very impressed, one of them is coming for gnanvidhi today.

Friday, 5 June 2009

NJ Shibir – 1st Day

Hall was fully packed with old and new mahatma. For old mahatma it was end of Viroh and for new they cannt beleive that they were seeing Pratyaksh after many months of Tv veiwing.

A live webcast of satsang is being played on

Satsang Highlights:
Q : Is it true that from simandhar city you can go to Mahavideh Kshetra?
D : Anyone who follow 5 agna can go to Mahavideh. The difference is Sim. City is that there is a continuous feeding of right beliefs every day. Right belief like I am not Hindu, I am not Indian, I am not Muslim, I am not Jain, I am not Patel but I am Shuddhatma.

Q : How mahatma can go to Mahavideh?
D : By following 5 agna upto 70%. In 5 agna, the most important one – Agna no. 4, File no Sambhave Nikaal helps us to go to Mahavideh.

Health check up in USA

Pujya Deepakbhai arrived at New York on 1st June night. Undergone complete health check up next day. With the grace of Dada-Ma and all Dev Devis all the test showed improvements in all respect. Bones and other organs are more stronger compared to last year test result.

In 2006 while we were in Rajkot having lunch, a mahatma called and shared a dream in which Niruma was saying "દીપક ને કહેજે કે બધુ ખાય, ઍને કશુ નહી થાય, અમે ઍનિ તબિયત નુ ધ્યાન રાખિયે છિયે."

Could still remeber how was Deepakbhai health before 3 years, getting tired easily, 1st one to contact all kind of infection, always sneezing and running nose, cannt follow hectic routine. Compared to that no such symptoms Now, following one of the most tight schedule day after day since last 3 years still looking Everfresh, Everyoung than all of us.

Can our intellect argue against such a Grace.

Aakhay Vishw nu Kalyan Ho …. Kalyan Ho …. Kalyan Ho ….

!!!!!!!!!!!! SIMANDHAR SWAMI NA ASIM JAY JAYKAR HO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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