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"Dada Bhagwan na Asim Jai Jaikar Ho ………."

Latest News as updated on Web


Opening of gigantic Vignan Bhandar, newly built outside Tri-mandir adalaj on 18th January by
Pujyashree Deepakbhai in presence of mahatmas. And inauguration of Nirant-2, especially for
old age mahatmas. Also Pujyashree did satsang and took lunch with the Vadil (old-age) mahatmas
at Nirant-2.

Approximately 1200 Mahatmas attended 12 days South India Jatra. A special train was hired
fully booked for Mahatmas from Ahemdabad to Cochin, passing Mumbai, Puna, Banglore and
Mysore on the way. More highlights available on                                                                    

400 People(10-Englsih, 50-Hindi) took Gnan in Cochin during South Jatra.

Aakhay jagat nu Kalyan Ho … Kalyan Ho. … Kalyan Ho. ………

Jay Sachidanand ………………………


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